“Every man’s memory is his private literature”
-William Henry Hudson

Book: An outline history of English Literature
Author: William Henry Hudson
Genre: Descriptive; literary
Publisher: Maple classics
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 296
Ratings: 4/5

Blurb: An outline history of English Literature systematically traces the development of English as a language and the evolution of different genres of English Literature from the pre-chaucerian period down to present age. It provides a complete layout of the works of most major and minor authors of each age. Along with the biographical and historical interpretation of each work, the book reflects the gradual progression of English from its conception to its literary proliferation. A detailed and systematic  account of the history of English Literature, this book is a must read for all litteraturs

Overview and Review: As mentioned in the blurb, this book is a must have book for everyone who studies or wanna study literature. William Henry Hudson has mentioned nearly everything from the age of Chaucer, but as the title of the book says “an outline history”, it does really is just an outline, I mean that you’ll be needing more books if you’re preparing for a degree in literature, The Old English period is barely mentioned in the book and I have a belief that there could be a better academic book to study literature history, but after all, ‘An outline history of english literature’ has not only helped me but a thousand others. The other things which resisted me giving full stars to the book are the table-kind-of-things in the end of every chapter. Thanks to all the videos on internet to make me understand pretty much of the book. As I mentioned earlier, this is a must have book on your shelf, you should definitely buy this as soon as possible because even if you’re not a literature student but an avid reader then you need to know the history of when and how English and books evolved.

As far as the cover of the book is concerned, I really think that an academic book’s reputation does not depends on the cover, to be honest I really dunno about the man in the picture, he’s probably the author but still I cannot confirm 😛


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