The coronavirus pandemic has infected over 26 million people, eight hundred thousand people have lost their lives globally. India has recently recorded the largest ever spike in daily cases ever on global scale. Everyday almost a thousand lives are lost in due to a merely visible being. Pandemic fatigue and global financial crisis have forced governments to lift restrictions but death is still on the door. Half a year and almost everybody has experienced what mental issues are. Looks like great souls are too departing, everyone’s furious on 2020, but still these are not times when we can say that we are back to normal.

Firstly, I was a victim of anxiety and now with a billion others, I think I can feel pandemic fatigue too. To be honest, I’ve observed that pandemic fatigue can be more dangerous than the pandemic itself, because currently we do not have access to any reliable cure to covid19 except for keeping precautions. It seems as if there’s no light left amongst the chaos everywhere. There’s economic crisis which has slowly crept under the veil of corona virus. India currently has a 23% GDP growth, unfortunately in negative.

People talked about the new normal but the fact is that there wouldn’t be one, cause today when I’m writing this post, India recorded¬† nearly a hundred thousand cases in a day. People who have been tested negative after suffering from the disease are still complaining to have symptoms. People need to acknowledge that restrictions have been eased not beauce the pandemic is over but because of the economic crisis. As mentioned earlier people are dying not because of the virus but carelessness. Luckily we have less death rates compared to other countries. But still over 72 thousand lives have lost in half a year, imagine how many families have been devastated. I’ve barely met a person who’s really conscious of wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. A few days and we would enter the traditional festive phase of India and I am afraid that this could be the time of the peak.

Nearly everyone has predicted the pandemic’s end and ironically it seems everybody’s prediction was false. In a few days, the global death toll would reach to a million, finally a mistletoe for humanity. It is true that none can be locked in their houses for ever, but it is true too that mass carelessness has forced many international political constituencies to restrict normality again. The world is facing a second wave of the pandemic while we are currently unable to suppress wave one and I fear this uncertainty will be dangerous for India. The only hope left is the invention of a fast tracked reliable, vaccine which would be readily available once it passes all tests. Indeed I’m talking fiction for vaccines if not years take months which will cost not only lives but a lot of money. Our government is planning to reopen schools in a couple of days and trust me I’m not a backbencher but I still insist it must not happen, for lives of your kids are important than any money and normality. Even if not thousands, it may take a few innocent lives which would be seriously bad.

To anyone reading this in these nasty times, do reconsider all your decisions, ’cause one wrong of them can ruin everything. Take care and pray for the next time I write a coronavirus vlog, I must confirm that I’m either vaccinated or the virus disappeared

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