Self Dependent India

India is home to 17.7% of the total world population, and one of the biggest economic powers of the world. Recently, our honorable prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi initiated a nationwide campaign of making India self reliant. The coronavirus pandemic has given us enough time to re-plan our lives and in context of this essay- markets. Indian market fortunately has always been in momentum but it is now the vision of more than a billion countrymen to make our startups, industries and productions self-reliant. It has been long enough since we’ve been exporting raw material and importing finished goods in almost twice the price. As we embark a journey of becoming a 75 year old nation we too embark a journey of becoming the most influential industrial hub of the world. India has always contained the potential of being self-reliant in terms of almost everything, not only the completion of this campaign will bring employment and inexpensive services and goods but will take us a step forward in becoming  a utopian society. Being self reliant does not mean alienating ourselves from the world but coming up with a market where every investor would like to invest, which would not only assist in the development of our own country but in welfare of the world. The five pillars needed to be laid down for self-reliance: infrastructure, technology driven system, vibrant demography and demand will not only bring self-reliance but a better international market for Multinational Corporations which will ignite a healthy chain reaction of economic activities and prosperity. We’ve been vulnerable to uncertain market, export expenses, data security, and unequal development but it is sure that the vulnerability and uncertainty of Indian economy will not only disappear but prosperity will be assured. India will emerge as a reliable and prosperous country where services like quality education will be amongst the best in the world. Intellectual Human Resources will not only add to the extension of our self-reliance but to the making of a utopian world. Not only the economy but self dependency will pave way for every possible development. The first step in building a self dependent India is acknowledging Indian talent, startups, innovations and ideas and then implementing them into a vast and profitable scale. We’ve to produce natively and with such quality that none shall refuse to replace it with former overseas products. The digital products and hardware needs to be excellent so that there remain no alternatives. It is I believe that this vision can be accomplished at an excellent scale even before we celebrate 75th year of our independence but only with mass public support. Being “vocal for local” is the initial step towards the making of a self-reliant India. An environment is needed where a variety of Indian products are available at the best quality and at reasonable rates. With increased employment and decreased expenses in export and overseas goods and services, India is sure to accomplish the dream of being self-reliant.

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